• Sporting Kansas City

    Power Partners Shed Light on New Stadium

    Described as a, “gem,” and, “wonderfully loud and cheerful,” Livestrong Sporting Park has quickly become an icon of the area as well as one of the most formidable places to play soccer. While the spotlight is on Sporting Kansas City, it wouldn’t be shining as brightly without the work of the members of the Power Partners. For more about Livestrong Sporting Park.

  • Going Green

    Power Partners on LEEDing Edge

    For the third consecutive year, the Power Partners sponsored the annual Green Energy Conference in Greater Kansas City. Conducted May 10, 2012, thought leaders assembled for a day of insight and learning.


The Power Partners recently sponsored the annual Green Energy Conference in Kansas City. Scheduled May 10, 2012, thought leaders assembled for a day of insight and learning.

Find a Contractor

Look here to find the right contractor for your next industrial, commercial or residential project.


Why is working with the Power Partners better for you and your business? Those that know tell their stories here.

NECA/IBEW - Your Power Partners

Who are we? The Power Partners represents an innovative partnership between the National Electrical Contractors Association and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Between us, we represent the best in electrical contracting and labor. Our partnership represents the highest in quality electrical work with the highest return on investment to owners, developers, contractors, municipalities and others.


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The Kansas City Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association was founded to educate electrical contractors, improve the standards of service provided by electrical contractors to the public, assist electrical contractors in dealings with others in the industry, and promote the general welfare of its members. While primarily engaged in promoting positive labor relations, it also serves to jointly train the best and most productive electrical contractors and electrical/communication workers anywhere---all for the benefit of the consuming public.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 124 represents more than 2,200 men and women doing inside electrical work in the Greater Kansas City area. Its jurisdictional area includes contiguous counties in Kansas City including Johnson, Leavenworth, Linn, Miami and Wyandotte counties in Kansas, as well as Bates, Benton, Carroll, Cass, Clay, Lafayette, Morgan, Pettis, Platte, Ray and Saline counties in Missouri.